Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Welcome to the Sixties!

Hello lovelies, today I've decided to go against the grain and post about something that's not in the realms of fashion or beauty etc. (sacrilegious I know!) but I had to share my brand new chair with you! It's a 1960's vinyl easy chair, very stylish with an angular back and little wooden legs and it's soooo comfy!

Now you're probably asking why the hell I'm buying furniture. After all, I'm a student, money should be spent on clothes, takeaways and general stuff for survival. Well it's all for a necessary cause! Next year I'm moving off campus into an old Victorian house with my flatmates and I have a hugeeee room. Frankly I need to fill the space. Money-wise, by now you should know how frugal I am and, after seeing this chair in a second hand shop I knew I had to have it. I managed to haggle the owner down to £15 (there is a small hole in the side of the upholstery and so I thought I'd try my luck and see how low the guy would go.)

After cleaning off about 40 years of dust, I have to say my little chair looks marvy, I cannot wait to have it in my new room. Unfortunately, after showing it to the boyfriend, he's now decided it's his chair for when he comes round to see me. (I don't think that idea will last long, do you?!)

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday (I'm still in my PJ's! trying to get everything sorted for going back to Uni on Sunday!)  and you'll be getting another post off me very soon (A parcel with something fabulous inside should be arriving in the next few days!) xxx

(Image made using Instagram)


  1. That chair is so cool! I love your blog, really cute, and I'm now following. I would really appreciate it if you followed back/checked out my blog.


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