Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Etsy wanderings: flonightingales

So I was having a wander round Etsy this afternoon (cheeky cheeky!) and stumbled upon this little gem of a seller, flonightingales.

One of my favourite things is finding an accessory or piece of clothing that no one else has, something that's not available on the high street and that you can wear with your head held high, knowing you won't bump into anyone with the same look as you.

Well lovelys, I have to say this is one AMAZING ETSY PAGE which promises just that! This site has some beautiful jewellery which is all really affordable and really quirky and I guarantee that none of your friends (unless they're ridiculously cool) will be wearing any of these treats before you. 

My favourite piece from the site has to be this beautiful necklace. I adore all the spiked jewellery on the market at the mo, but feel that some high street designers have gone a little ott with it all. I appreciate the crazy spikes for the catwalk, but I don't want to be impaled on some ridiculously spiked accessory on my way to work. This is the perfect chain for me - three little spikes which will go with everything and for the bargain price of £9.00! Brilliant value!

A few other items that are fabulous include a  lovely wooden bird pendant, a gorgeous 'message in a bottle' pendant, a pretty deer necklace. 



In short, I know what I'll be doing when its payday, spending some of my hard earned cash here:

Do you know any really good Etsy pages? if so please share! 


  1. Love the message in a bottle so much - such a neat idea xx

  2. i love to visit etsy somethimes,
    they have amazing stuff,
    new follower here
    hope we can follow each other

    1. I know, they have some brilliant bargains. :) xx

  3. Love the 'message in a bottle' pendant and I love your blog! Followed :) xox

  4. Ooo ooo ooo I've just noticed views on my Etsy shop from your blog and found you!

    Thank you SO much for this lovely write-up - I'm thrilled you like my litle shop :)


    1. No problem :) Hope my post helped - love your shop :) x

  5. Really liked reading your blog about flo's jewellery.I am really happy for flo to receive such a nice blog entry. She is a lovely lady who regularly chats and helps me on my Etsy store, so she really does deserve this lovely post.

    You should check out her bicycle necklace, soooo cute!

    Shame, I would follow you but I don't have blogspot only tumblr? Do you have tumblr Heidi?

    Much Love

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I'm afraid I don't but I have twitter? @HeidiNagaitis, or if you have a gmail account you can follow me through that? I'll pop over to Etsy and have a look at your shop now :)



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