Monday, 23 July 2012

playsuits or summer dresses? Which will you choose?

Now summer is FINALLY upon us (It's been a long wait, I know) we can all get our legs out, don our flipflops and buck up the courage to wear those tropical print pants you bought in April! BUT the big question is this - for a hol what do you prefer, playsuits or dresses?

When playsuits first hit the catwalk, like many I saw something that looked a little like a 70's throwback and to be honest, I really wasn't convinced. A few playsuits later however, I have to say I'm hooked. They're light, come in crazy styles and give you that little bit of a 'fashionista' edge when you're abroad. 

My one problem with playsuits has always been the length; I'm yet to find one that I'm totally comfortable in. Apparently we only have two length options, long boho chic style, which is really for evening wear and should really be classed as a jumpsuit, or uuber short shorts, supposedly 'ideal for clubbing,' not so ideal for those of us who don't like to show our bum cheeks on a night out. 

I have to say, working at Next does have its perks, which includes a 25% discount card, which means I've been stopping myself from raiding the place. In short, the summer season stock, especially the playsuits and dresses, does not disappoint. I've picked out some gorgeous playsuits below, which are really well priced and elegant enough that they can be dressed down for day, or 'accessoried up' for night. 
 Dresses are the traditional summer staple for many - I love the fact that dresses come in so many different styles and luckily for me the catwalk was full of them for summer 2012.

Bird prints and other kooky animal designs ( a slight reference to early Galliano) were seen across many designer's summer ranges and Next has made sure these are part of its summer collection.


I'm also LOVING this gorgeous Lipsy maxi dress. The pastel colours are so on-trend and the cut and style of this dress means its so easy to wear. For me, this really is a statement piece.

So, all in all, I have to admit that when it comes to playsuits and dresses, I'll take them all! Sorry Next, but I just love all of these designs! 

All images taken from the Next Website. 


  1. Those two playsuits are really cute. Perfect for throwing on over a bikini xx

    1. yeahh I agree, they're so easy to wear. Love your blog by the way Suzanne, I'm a new follower :) x

  2. Ah I think I'll take them all too!


  3. Both are great! ^^

    1. thank you! love your blog btw? fancy following each other?


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