Thursday, 19 July 2012

Work Work Work

So, I've been a busy bee this week, starting my first week of a two week placement at a design and ad agency in Manchester. It's been really interesting and the team are really fun to work with, but I have to admit, getting up at 6.30 everyday has been a downside!

The work itself has kept me on my toes, I've designed a newsletter, written various articles for an online magazine, put together design research and even have my own brief to complete - I've written nearly 3,000 words already and have a a 16 slide presentation that I'm only a quarter of the way through!

Pre-placement I worried that my wardrobe would suffer for two weeks - I'm saving like Scrooge at the mo (so my uni fund is topped up for second year!) so I've been good and not spent ALL my money on clothes as per. However, I've been really pleased with the little gems I've dug out of my wardrobe and, after learning that there's no strict dress code at the agency, I have big plans to go to town outfit-wise next week! I promise to keep you updated.

Here are two of my looks so far, (my better outfits didn't get snapped I'm afraid, but I'll wear something pretty next week!)
Jacket: Topshop, Jeans: Mango, Top: Urban Outfitters sale, Shoes: Topshop sale

Jacket: Topshop, Top: New Look, Skirt: H&M sale (£10.00!) , Bag: Mango, Shoes: Matalan
What do you think? What do you wear to work?

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