Friday, 24 August 2012

Early Morning Makeup

So I've noticed quite a few beauty bloggers doing these and, as I've found them so useful to help adapt my look from day to day, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and post one. This is my basic makeup routine and the look is classic dark eyes and a little bit of lip tint - safe enough to wear to work, but just enough to look presentable when meeting friends! For the evening I tend to vamp up the eyes with a liquid liner and wear darker lipstick but anyway, hope you enjoy!

So here are the five products I use every morning. First I use my Garnier BB Cream as a base, I'm quite pale in the mornings so it adds some colour and, as both a foundation and a moisturiser, it works well to protect my skin, keeps it moisturised, but also keeps the spots at bay. When I first purchased this BB Cream I was quite dubious about it as other liquid foundations have blocked my pores and led to outbreaks, however it seems to work well with my skin type (spot prone, but a dry t-zone). The foundation is also reasonably priced; at under a tenner per bottle you really can't complain.  

I also use Garnier's eye roll-on stick, this is designed to cover up dark circles, as it contains an illuminating cream which reflects light off the skin, making skin glow. As well as hiding the rings under my peepers, I also use it as a spot or blemish cover-up. The cream works really well and dries out problem breakouts quickly. It also means I have a product which is versatile which therefore saves me money! The two are in light/ivory, however they're available in many different shades to suit all skins.

Eye-wise I use Maybelline Great Lash mascara. I'm not a big mascara person as the most effective i.e. the lash lengthening ones always seem to irritate my eyes (I wear contact lenses everyday.) However, this mascara has become a firm favourite, especially on night's out as you can layer it on without it going gloopy and looking ott. For everyday wear I normally just pop on a quick layer - I hate looking 'over-done' during daylight hours!

I'm also addicted to my No.7 black eyeliner, it's so versatile and can easily be used below and above the lash line. As you can see, I've nearly run out (heart broken!) The liner also comes with a fab foam end which can be used to blend the liner, which is great for creating a smoky eye effect for the evening. 

Finally, my Rimmel Blusher in Peach is my go to for a rosy glow. You can see how much I've used this palette from this picture *cringe* but it's honestly a great buy and again, for under £10, it wont break the bank. The brush featured here is by Lancaster and, although my blusher comes with a little brush, I find a larger one creates a better effect. 

So here are my finished eyes and face. My foundation and roll-on help to hide blemishes and add some colour, the blusher also adds some colour to my pale complexion, while the eyeliner and mascara makes my face look a little more 'dressed-up.' As you can see, the mascara creates a feathered affect, whilst the liner adds some drama!

Here's my finished face (not the most attractive photo) but at least you can see how the makeup's made me look a little more presentable!

What're you fail-safe makeup choices? What do you always have to stock up on?


  1. Just included that Garnier roll-on in my latest post - it's so good isn't it :)

    e x

  2. Its so good isn't it?! Id look like a monster without it! Xxx


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