Thursday, 16 August 2012

Welcome to the jungle

Top: Vero Moda// Necklace: Accessorize//Baxter Jeans: Topshop, Bag: Mulberry// Stacked pumps: Charity shop//Bracelets and Rings: Vintage
 So today's weather was lovely - beautiful sunshine, but blustery enough that I opted for jeans instead of my too-short shorts. I bought this top yesterday, it was hidden away in a little boutique right at the back of the sale rail. I snapped it up for £7.00. I'd previously seen the top in a number of magazines, including Look (my fave) but hadn't got round to buying it. Guess that it was a purchase that was meant to be!

I teamed it with my Baxter jeans that I dug out of my overflowing wardrobe the other week, during my  "clear out." You know the situation, the "ohmygodIdidn'tknowIownedthese!" Yeah, unfortunately, my love of clothes means that, as my mum says "you forget what you own!" Ah well, at least we've been reunited and at a great time too; having just had to throw my other Baxter babies for getting too 'holey.'

The shoes are growing on me. I LOVED them in the shop, got them home and was, after showing my boyfriend, a little bit more reserved about them. However, the stacked heel and floral print has finally won me round and it's safe to say, they wont be coming off my feet for a while (ew.)

My Mulberry is my baby and it comes everywhere with me, so I'm surprised I've not featured it sooner. Ah well, all I have to say is that it's gorgeous and I've used it everyday, without fail, since my 18th birthday. Definitely an investment. Definitely not an excuse to not buy more handbags.

On the bright side, it's payday next week!

Lots'a love


  1. Love the color of your top :) Very unique :)


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