Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Birthday Wishlist!

 Dixi Jewellery Mia twisted rainbow stacking rings £6.00// Timex Watch (sold by Next) £55// The Vintage Set Camo jacket £25.00// Glamorous UK black organza sheer dotty blouse £22.99// H&M Dalmatian-print trousers £9.99// MotelRocks Zena Bodycon mini £35.00// Daisy Does Jewellery gold crystal bracelet £15.00// MAC Lipstick in Russian Red £14.00// Dixi Jewellery Kisa Sunshine Druzy Ring £15.00 

So on September 4th I'm gonna be the big 2-0 (I mean twenty) which is pretty scary let me tell you. I still get asked for I.D when I buy lottery tickets, never mind booze (FYI, in the U.K you have to be 16 to  have a little gamble on the national lottery, so it's pretty embarrassing that I really don't look my age!)

Anyway, scary numbers aside, I thought I'd compile a wishlist and, having recently joined twitter, I'm being followed by all sorts of lovely websites which I've found some amazing stuff on. Seriously, before heading to the same shops, have a quick look on these websites and I guarantee you'll find some unique and exciting buys.

The sites I've listed here are:

So if I end up with any of these little beauties on my big day, I will be one happy bunny. If you're looking for presents, or just a little treat for yourself, check these sites out here.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love the pants and the blouse! And I agree with you about stripes - I always gravitate towards them too! I'm following you now!



    1. Thanks :) at least I now know I'm not the only one with a stripes and polka dots problem! xx


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