Monday, 3 September 2012

D.I.Y Dip Dye shirt

So, dip-dye is all the rage and can be seen in so many high street stores at the mo, it's basically a term for clothes which have been dyed gradually, creating different shades of the same colour, from dark to light, or light to dark.

I popped into my local Topshop the other day and saw so many dip-dyed items that I wanted! Unfortunately, as a student I can't afford everything I want even with my 10% discount so, using Rosie Glow's awesome Dip-Dye DIY, for, as inspiration, I thought I'd try my own. 

Here are my five steps for dip-dye virgins:


Find a top that you want to dye, this dipped hem beauty which I dug out of my wardrobe a few weeks ago, recently got a horrendous pen mark on it, so I thought a dip-dype would be a great way to cover the stain. I popped my top onto a metal-topped hanger and pegged it, so it kept secure. 


To dye the top I needed salt, a pack of dye (I used black), a bucket, some rubber gloves and something to stir the mix! 

Once I'd followed the instructions on the back of the dye, I submerged my top to the level which I wanted my dip-dye to start from.

Then, as the dye began to stain the fabric, I gently dripped water down the front of the top to create a rippled effect, so that the dip-dye looked more professional. Then after 10 minutes I lifted a small portion of the top out of the dye so that I could create a gradient effect with the colour. I then added two minutes to each period of time e.g. 12,14,16 to help the colour stain intensify and create my dip-dye. The pegs came in handy here and helped me to hold the top out of the dye. 

After the allocated time my top was finished! I lifted it out of the dye, rinsed it thoroughly in cold water and then left it to dry for a couple of hours. I then popped my top into the wash on it's own so that any excess dye would be washed away. (After this you need to clean your washing machine through by setting it to wash when empty, so that dye doesn't sit in the drum and stain your washing!)

Here's the finished top!

The colour took really well and I'm planning to try another dip-dye very soon! 

What do you think? Do you like the new dip-dye trend?


  1. Wow, this is really good. My sister recently ombred her denim shorts using bleach.

    I know that if I tried this, I'd create such a mess!
    :( xxx

    1. Thank you Sian :) Haha I'm such a messy person, I had to be so strict with myself, so it took me ages!

  2. great diy hun! love the final reuslts.. xx


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