Thursday, 27 September 2012

Heart and Sole. Classic heels campaign

Hello lovelies,

A few days ago I mentioned a project that I was taking part in a project with three other bloggers, well now I'm happy to say that I can reveal all!

Myself, the lovely Dayner from Mozzypop, Jo from the fabulous Eyes&Ears blog and the gorgeous Lisette from LisetteLoves have banded together to discuss something that we feel is a problem for fashion-conscious girls...the mega heel.

The seven inch monstrosities rolling off the production lines of many well-known high street chains has meant that girls like us, i.e. above average height, have to settle for flats (boring) or totter around helplessly, looking like the love child of Bambi and the BFG.

So, as bloggers are normally the forefront of any fashion-related campaign, we thought we'd try our hand at promoting the classic heel - a shoe between 2-4 inches which girls can actually walk in and compliment an outfit rather than becoming the main focus of a look.

We each took three high-street stores, found our fave pair of shoes from each (which met the classic shoe criteria) and styled them up, to show our lovely readers that the highest heels aren't necessarily the most beautiful.

We've decided to publish our looks over the next few weeks, so here's the first instalment.

My three chosen shops were: Topshop, Aldo shoes & online shoe boutique Kate Kanzier. Both looks for Aldo & Kate Kanzier have been styled using clothes from Miss Selfridge.

Here's the first of my looks from Topshop!

Lisette from Lisette Loves!

Here's Jo from Eyes&Ears blog's first look from Urban Outfitters!  

Dayner from Mozzypop has created an amazing look from Next!

So here are our first three looks! Hope you like them and keep reading over the next few weeks!

To find out more about these lovely guest bloggers, have a peep at their blogs!

Dayner from


  1. Great idea - love the looks. Yay for wearable shoes!


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