Thursday, 18 October 2012

Boux Avenue Press Preview!

Good lingerie is like a pair of classic Jimmy Choo's, elegant, image-changing but incredibly hard to come by. The perfect lingerie changes your whole body shape, lifting you up and holding you in, in all the right places. I love lingerie shopping, but my room is literally bursting with bras, knickers and the like that I've never worn, due to it being ill fitting, too showy or just sitting badly under clothes.

So I was very excited to be invited to the opening of the brand new Boux Avenue store in Liverpool One. As a northern lass, I've never ventured into Boux Avenue, Dragon, Theo Paphitis' brain child and prominent lingerie shop primarily in the South. 

Liverpool One's branch was the fourteenth store in the U.K, sending me signals that there was something special about this brand - a company which is seemingly successful during a difficult economic period. 

Greeted at the door with smiles and some yummy drinks, I wasn't disappointed. The store radiates elegance and glamour; the design, with its delicate chandeliers and chic furnishings reminds me of the glitz and opulence of the roaring twenties. 
The lovely Jade from the Style Rawr & Jess from Holy Tightss
The shop was split into numerous areas, with the front of the store dedicated to pretty designs and ever-changing lingerie which I had to be dragged away from! Nightwear came next, with really cute PJ  sets and the most gorgeous shearling dressing gown (which I really wanted!). The centre piece to the store was a gorgeous tiered stand with loads of different perfumes, lotions and potions, mirrors, makeup bags and little trinkets which would make perfect gifts!

The back of the store was reserved for occasion-lingerie, such as wedding sets (which were so beautiful that I'd want them anyway!) and more basic bras and knickers. 

I was so impressed with the quality of all the lingerie - even the most simple of t-shirt bras was lined with gorgeous fabric and the fact that every item I looked at was reasonably priced. Many of the bras on show, if bought, entitled the customer to a free pair of knickers - a really good deal and something that a large of number of lingerie companies don't tend to offer! 

The staff on hand were so lovely and attentive. I spoke to the fabulous Stephanie who told me all about the amazing fitting service that Boux Avenue offer; an old-fashioned approach to this awkward practice. I remember when I was younger, I was taken for a 'fitting' at a high street store, where the attendant simply threw bras through to me and showed no interest. Boux Avenue seems very different. Their fitting rooms have fully-trained staff members to talk you through sizing and style issues along with a concierge service so there's always help on hand. The fitting rooms also use alternative lighting, allowing you to see what your lingerie will look like in the morning, afternoon or evening! 

All in all, I had an amazing time at the Boux Avenue Press Preview morning, meeting two lovely bloggers, Jess from Holytightss and Jade from the Style Rawr and actually seeing a lingerie brand which actually cares about its customers. I honestly believe that Boux Avenue offers a different standard of service to other stores and I'll be throwing out that misshaped, ill-fitting lingerie and paying them a visit very soon! 

Have you shopped at Boux Avenue, what did you think?



  1. I really like the idea of the drawers with the back sizes - it's always such a pain pulling loads of bras off a rail to find your size! I think I'll have to pay a visit soon.

    1. I totally agree - it's such a good idea, I normally hate lingerie shopping - it's so much stress!


  2. This looks awesomwe, their lingerie is beautiful! Will be paying a visit to check it out! Lovely blog, given you a follow! :)



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