Sunday, 21 October 2012

R.I.P to the girl you used to see...

As a massive Downton fan, I was devastated by Lady Sib's death. As well as being an amazing character, she also boasted a fabulous wardrobe and I'll miss eyeing up her outfits every Sunday.

So in Sybil's honour, I've put together an outfit post so that, although she may be forgotten as the face of one of the BBC's most successful dramas, her gorgeous outfits live on!

Images courtesy of the Daily Telegraph

L-R. Dress/ Hair Piece/ Shoes/ Collar/ Skirt/ Bracelet/ Jacket
Throughout the last and now the current series of Downton, Sybil's wardrobe has been very traditional. The character has been seen in pastel shades and delicate lace, emphasizing her status as a married woman and mother-to-be. Her jewellery is simple and shoes remain chic, a style that epitomises the look of the period.

Due to the public's love of all things vintage and the excitement surrounding the soon to be released Great Gatsby film (can't wait for Leo!) it's not surprising that the high street has been flooded with gorgeous period pieces. My fave piece from above has to be the gorgeous lace Topshop skirt, which also ticks the baroque trend, using a muted beige skirt and delicate black lace to create a beautiful and versatile piece for your wardrobe. 

The jacket, which is from Boohoo's new exclusive collection, is a fabulous alternative to Autumn's love of the humble leather jacket, do a Coco and love your LBJ!

So even though Lady Sybil has left our screens forever, her fashion sense lives on!   


  1. Love love love this! I already have a hair piece almost identical to that too :D
    Really love your choices :)

    Kerys xxx

  2. I can't pretend to watch DA but I love your set, super pretty!! ;)

    The Style Rawr!

    1. You honestly need it in your life - it's amazing! :) xxx

  3. She was my favorite! love the bracelet! x

  4. The dress you picked is beautiful! X


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