Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Vision Direct's Halloween scream!

So, it's nearly Halloween and I'm already in the mood for a good fight night party. Just in time for this amazing time of year, the lovely people at Vision Direct sent me some of their spooky contact lenses to give my Halloween costume some added spookiness.  

The lenses were from Vision Direct's Phantasee collection which comprises of a host of amazing lenses which range from scary designs, including some amazing spider Web contacts, cat's eye designs and UV Glow lenses. The ones I chose were from the Vivid collection which includes some gorgeous emerald coloured lenses which I've fallen in love with. The lenses in this review are the Pacific Blue vivid lenses. 
The lenses came in these amazing vials, which give them a spooky edge! 
Here's me pre-lenses with my normal grey-blue eyes.
And after!
I was so impressed with how easy these lenses were to pop in. As a contact lens wearer myself, I'm pretty used to putting them in, however the instructions sent along with the lenses are so easy to follow that contact lens virgins will be at ease with these beauties!

All my flatmates were pretty freaked out by the lenses, they're such a vivid blue that I did look a little demonic. However, I thought I'd go one step further and apply some Halloween makeup, so that you can see the full effect of the lenses. Here I'm a zombie/living doll and I have to admit the lenses do make the look! 

I look pretty scary don't I? I know that two of my flatmates were really freaked out, mainly because the lenses look so ethereal! 

All in all the lenses are an amazing buy and at £29.00 per pair, they're a little more than I'd usually pay for fancy dress, but they last for a year and are amazingly realistic. 

For more info about these lenses & to see the full range, visit Vision Direct's website here

What do you think of these lenses? Would you wear them?

Lots a'love 


  1. i tagged you in a post! :)

  2. These look amazing! I'm definitely need to get a pair ready for Halloween.

  3. Thank you for the review - the crazy lenses really pop!

    1. They're amazing Kristina - I love them so much! x

  4. ahhh the lenses you were talking about! wow, they really do stand out! Xx

  5. These look awesome and I like the makeup you put on to go with it. I have done a review on the Radiate ones if you want to check that out...
    I love the vials and want to keep them for something- not sure what yet though. Great post :)


    1. Thank you - I'll check yours out now! Same! I'm not sure what yet though! xx

  6. These look so creepy!Great job with the make-up, you look really freaky xx


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