Thursday, 1 November 2012

We're creepy and we're kooky...

Wig: Wilkinson's// Collar and Cuffs: charity shop// Dress: Mango (old)//
Bag: thrifted// tights: DIY// Bracelet: Internacional.

So here I am on Halloween, dressed as an older version of Wednesday Addams! I thought I'd go as a vampire this year, but when I found this long, black wig, I couldn't resist a cheeky Wednesday look.

This outfit was so easy to put together and also so comfortable for a Halloween party- nothing too clumpy and something that didn't require too much effort (typical student!) 

My fave part of the look was the detachable collar, which was actually cut off a man's shirt from the charity shop - the shirt was pretty hideous, so I think I've done fashion a favour by turning it into something more useful! Teamed with the cuffs, the white, starched material made my dress pop - very PPQ, even if I do say so myself! 

Tights-wise, I cut some holes in an old pair to create the 'spotty' look. 

Finally, my makeup was really simple - a load of talc applied on top of still-wet moisturiser/foundation, eyeliner and dark purple lipstick...voila! 

How did you dress up for halloween? Send me your pics, I'd love to have a look! 

Lots of thursday lovin' 


  1. great costume, I love the tights especially! xx

  2. haha love it! i did Wednesday last year, was so much fun scowling in all the photos xx


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