Sunday, 18 November 2012

Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar opening!

Yes, I know this post is picture heavy, but a couple of photos doesn't do the glory that is Harvey Nichols justice. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to the Beauty Bazaar launch in Liverpool, a totally new concept that has led HN to create a beautiful store dedicated to the world of beauty.

Celebrated brands line the 22,000 sq ft floor, each with a host of fabulously dressed assistants in the most luxurious surroundings - Harvey Nichols don't half do things properly!

I popped along to the event, feeling very out of place among magazine eds, celebrities and socialites (FYI Olivia Palermo was there OMGHUQHFI!!), to meet with Sandra McClumpha, CEO of national favourite, Fake Bake tanning and James Read, spray tanner to the stars.

These two giants of the beauty world have joined forces to create a fabulous new tanning studio which allows every customer a totally unique fake tan experience.

Unfortunately, a large number of people associate fake tan with reality TV stars, many of whom grace the covers of magazines with the complexion of an overripe orange but, as Sandra told me, fake tan is an amazing way of getting a healthy glow without risking your health. I pointed out that there'd been a lot in the press recently concerning safety fears over fake tan, but Sandra reassured me, talking about Fake Bake's stringent testing policies and its duality as a skincare product as well as a fake tan.

Fake Bake uses apple extract, a key ingredient which helps protect the skin and prevent premature ageing. Ingredients within Fake Bake tan helps to moisturise the skin, keeping it supple and youthful for longer. I was really impressed with how concerned Sandra was in protecting the vitality of skin and how driven she was to create products which pushed the boundaries of current beauty research.

This new project, a collaboration with James Read, has created an affordable tanning salon with spray tans ranging from £15 to £35 - a price I'd definitely be tempted to pay for a fabulous tan!

James Read showed me round the new salon, one of many that he hopes will be installed across the county. 'The Studio' had an amazing '70's vibe, with tiled surfaces, beautiful wooden fittings and three amazing tanning booths, using the latest technology to deliver streak-free tans (bane of my life!)

The whole atmosphere of the salon is one of calm in the most luxurious and unique surroundings, giving any girl the chance to feel beautiful for the day. The bespoke service is simply incredible and at such a reasonable price would be a guilt-free treat or an unforgettable present for a friend.

I feel this post has epitomised an amazing day and and it may seem a little OTT. Honestly, go and experience this and you'll feel the same way, the Beauty Bazaar is genius and makes the whole process of buying your favourite blusher, lipstick or fake tan memorable.

Pop down to Liverpool One, I promise you wont be disappointed.

Love and all that.


  1. looks like you had a great time! I would have loved to seen Olivia Palermo!!

    1. Thanks, I did and I know, it was so cool! :) x

  2. Looks amazing! Sounds fab. I'm not one for fake tan, I like the pale look haha (i'm just too lazy) but if I were to do fake tan, I would definitely use fake bake now! xxx

    1. Yeah, I'm not one for an orange glow! But Fake Bake tans are really nice and natural :) xxx

  3. I love Harvey Knicks!
    And as if you saw Olivia! So jealous!!
    Would love to follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know when youre following me.
    Lots of love from London x

    1. Same, such a good store! I'm following you on bloglovin' love your blog! x


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