Saturday, 15 December 2012

AskHerFriends...go on, you know you want to!

So lovelies, as promised I'm baaaack! Apologies for the absence of posts, I've had 10,000 words to write this term and it's been hell! I've had to cut back on blog posts, something every blogger hates to do, but sometimes uni work has to come first.

So, back to this post, I thought I'd share an amazing new website with you. AskHerFriends  is a fabulous new concept developed to help the men in your life find gifts and presents for any occasion. From grandmas to girlfriends, AskHerFriends works with a number of brands including Glossybox, Selfridges and John Lewis to provide users with a huge selection of gifts, ranging from high street faves to unique online pieces.

So what's the difference to any other online store you say? Well AskHerFriends has created a quick and easy questionnaire, which includes options which range from outfit choices, to weekend activities, making it easy for your fella to choose answers which relate to you, assessing you as a person, rather than forcing them to choose from hundreds of different gifts. After answering these q's, AskHerFriends collates the info and produces a list of a number of top options.

From here, your guy chooses whether to create a list of the top three items or the top ten and this can be sent to your friends on Facebook either privately or via you, although your list will still remain a secret! Your friends can vote on the item you'd most prefer and then your spouse, son or other half can buy the product through the site!
I actually tried this out for myself, looking for presents for my mum; she has a fabulous figure and never picks out on chocolate, she is difficult to buy for clothes-wise and I've bought her all the different cookery implements/jewellery under the sun! I popped her details into the site and found an amazing deal for yearly magazine subscriptions. I opted for a year of Delicious Magazine and I'm sure she'll be delighted on Christmas Day!

The lovely people at AskHerFriends also sent me through one their amazing items after running my details through their 6-point questionnaire (scary I know!) I received a gorgeous hand painted leather purse earlier this week and I was over the moon! The quality of the piece is amazing and it's so unique, I love the fact I wouldn't find anything like this purse on the high street. Moreover, on arrival it was festively-wrapped, saving you the hassle of waiting anxiously for items to reach you to be gift-wrapped!
All in all, AskHerFriends is a brilliant and imaginative concept which is so useful for so many. Although it's targeted at men or partners, helping them ease the strain of gift-buying for the women in their lives, I've become a little bit addicted to it, searching out unusual presents for friends. It puts the fun and personal service, which you expect when you visit the shops, into online shopping and I couldn't recommend it more!

Check out AskHerFriends at:

Hope you're enjoying the run-up to Christmas, now I've finished uni, I've got some exciting stuff coming up so I'll keep you updated!

Lots of love

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