Tuesday, 2 April 2013

90's refresh

T-shirt:: vintage// Leggings: M&S// Hi-tops: Converse// Leather Backpack: Charity shop 

Most of the outfits I post on my blog are pretty formal, so today I thought I'd try something different and see what you all think. I picked up this t-shirt in the men's section of one of my local charity shops for £2 at the weekend; it's an old theme park shirt from the early nineties. Although it's a little oversized, I fell in love with the colour and think it brightens up my rather pale complexion (I really need some sun!), plus it'll be uuber comfy for revision-wear when I get back to uni. 

I've paired this shirt with my faithful hi-tops, which I'll be taking to Edinburgh this weekend. My lovely best mate and I have planned to see as much as possible in three days, so we'll be doing A LOT of walking. I should really take this leather backpack with me, it's such a useful piece (also pretty damn stylish) to have, but of course I'm going to be irrational and take my newest bag with me - a gorgeous brown leather satchel which I'll be sure to share with you at some point! 

Hope you're all enjoying the Easter break!


  1. Love this outfit, I actually think it's really cool. Makes me feel nostalgic.
    I really like the backpack :)

    Sally x

  2. Great look, Love the tee and backpack.
    Please check out my blog thanks xo

  3. Great t-shirt. Your blog is darling.



  4. Love this whole 90s fashion revival thing thats going on :)


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