Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sportswear chic for Spring

Tshirt: Adidas// Jeans: Topshop
Trainers: Nike//Leather Rucksack: vintage
For a suitably casual Saturday I opted for a simple take on the sportswear trend which has stubbornly refused to budge since SS 12. Even if you're a fan of the more traditional, feminine look, I'm afraid to tell you that simple shapes, masculine accessories and trainers *gasp* are here to stay. I've not donned a pair of trainers for casual wear (excluding Converse of course) since my neon trainers, which doubled as football boots for a day at the park. Those days, thankfully, are long gone, however I could not resist these trainers, initially bought for netball, but not the permanent home for my feet. Supportive, stylish and light as a feather, they have changed my whole perception of footwear. I promise I've not turned into an OAP overnight but hey, who says we have to wear uncomfortable shoes day in day out?! I am a big believer in stuffing my size seven soles into a variety of shoes in the hope that one day they'll appear dainty and when shoe shopping, "they'll stretch" is always on the tip of my tongue. Now I'm a trainer convert. No, this doesn't mean I'll be ditching my array of more feminine footwear anytime soon, in fact I've just bought some army green stilettos with heels to kill, but think about it, no bloke would buy a pair of uncomfortable shoes, so why should women ALWAYS opt for the most impractical in the shop? My Adidas v-neck is another more masculine purchase, I promise I'm gradually introducing a little more colour to my otherwise grey day-to-day wardrobe, but I couldn't resist this top which reminds me of the old England kits of the '80s. Paired with my good old ankle grazers from Topshop, I think my look is casual enough to wear during the week, without looking like I'm off to the gym! Accessorized with my denim jacket and leather rucksack, I'm also ticking off the double denim trend, another stubborn style, and the penchant for travelling chic this season.

I've been buying a few little feminine pieces this week, so the next outfit I share with you will be more colourful I promise!

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