Tuesday, 8 April 2014

I bought some bits...

Dress: H&M// Shoes: Nike//Shirt: Adidas
It's been five months since I updated this blog and I have to admit that time has truly flown. The dissertation I was researching in November has now been written, and all that's left is a month of exams before my University days are over. I was always incredibly cynical about Uni, with older friends and adults always promising me, with a nostalgic twinkle in their eye, that it would be 'the best years of my life.' So it's over. My three years of gluttonous self-discovery and selfish academic study are at an end. So that's it? That's as good as life gets? Don't get me wrong, Uni has been incredible and definitely the best years of my life SO FAR. Does this mean that any happy encounter that happens after I leave the bubble of student life behind just won't compare? I'm sure a lazy Sunday by the river with a cold lager and close friends is as good at 31 as it is at 21.

I'm hoping that this big change will bring new experiences and opportunities, the first of these being my new job which I start mid-July. I'm going into advertising dahling. Yep, suited and booted, I shall be part of the mad, Mad Men style Marketing, PR and Advertising realm. 'You've sold your soul to the corporate giants!' one of my particularly eccentric friends proclaimed. No, these days the industry is young, vibrant and friendly. Jeans and silk shirts have replaced power suits, 'fun' is a buzzword and 'creatives' are actually allowed to be creative. I'll be working in Manchester, which is exciting and although initially I'll be commuting from Cheshire, I keep telling myself that eventually I'll fly the nest and settle in a flat near the Northern Quarter, so I can pop into North Tea Power for a Masala Chai on my way into work.

So that's me and what's changed in the last few months. Again, I'm sorry for leaving you so long, but sometimes work really has to come first. I also can't promise that I'll be around for long this term, with exams on the horizon it's difficult to find the time to blog. However, I do promise that once Uni is finished, I'll be back with regular posts and better quality pictures (I hope) so do tag along for the ride.

Fashion-wise, there's been a lot of changes and, after a friend of mine suggested that my wardrobe was a mix of black, black and more black, I'm making a conscious effort to wear more colour.

Starting tomorrow. Unfortunately, ignoring that nagging voice in the back of my mind, I invested in some more navy/monochrome pieces to add to the racks, rails and shelves housing the rest of my navy/monochrome wardrobe. Let's start with the shoes. I needed new trainers for netball and these beauties from Nike were versatile enough to wear on and off the pitch. They're the 2.0 running shoes and they are so light that one day I'm sure they'll float away. Having flat feet means that it's hard to find comfy shoes, but since buying my Nike's in early March, I've not had them off my feet. Teamed with jeans for a denim on denim look, or with leggings and a graphic tee, they are definitely my wardrobe's new best friend.

The gorgeous cut-out dress was a £5 bargain from H&M in their glorious sale. The material is non-crease which makes it easy to wear and wash and the skater-style skirt and low cut top is flattering on any figure. Maybe a little too short for even the hottest summer day, but paired with an over-sized shirt and some trainers, I'm sure it'll be just fine for July.

Although it's brand new, the shirt is a charity shop bargain costing me a measly £3. I am a sucker for vintage styles and Adidas' re-launch of their Stan Smiths has put the brand back on the fashion map. The v-neck and flattering cut of this t-shirt means I'll be wearing it on campus all season through.


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