Sunday, 17 November 2013

Trust your gut, it'll never lie like the others...

Coat: Warehouse//Dress (worn as top) c/o Bank Fashion*//Skirt: H&M//Shoes: New Look
Coat: vintage//Dress: c/o Bank Fashion*// Shoes: Topshop// Necklace: Next 
photos by Mae Reddaway
November has crept up on me this year. 2013 has flown by and honestly, I can't wait for 2014. A year of sadness and bad memories has to make way for bigger, better and brighter things. All I can do is apologize for my absence and blame third year studies on  my lack of blogging. I'm already working late into the night, hence my post right now, but unfortunately the pile of essays, readings and analyses is never ending. 

Anyhow, the lovely people at Bank fashion decided to surprise me with a couple of pieces from their new ranges to give my little blog a bit of a boost and to lift my mood - believe me it worked! These gorgeous new shift dresses have been a hit with all my friends and I've not had them off since I received them. The cut flatters every shape, the patterns are bang on trend and the quality is good. Easy to dress up or down (or even transform into a top as my first pictures show), these dresses have become a bit of a wardrobe staple for me. 

Prints are still a big tick on the trend[ometer this Autumn/Winter. To add a little interest to your outfits, move away from the typical burgundies, navies and reds we see at this time of year and add some punchy print to your look. I promise it'll brighten up your outfit and your mood! I'm always guilty of sticking to greys and blacks, but this season I've promised myself that I'll brighten up. A bolder, better, more confident version of myself, to go with my new outfit choices. It's my last year of uni and I'm determined to enjoy it, regardless of what's going on in my little world.

Yep so that's me, a paragraph of clothing reviews and cryptic messages after a month of silence, but if you've been a long time reader, what did you expect? 

All my love and the promise that more blog posts will appear very soon.


  1. Looking very nice to see and looking different to see.
    Shift Dresses

  2. Great post! Love how you've styled these outfits :D


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