Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back

Shirt|: Brag Vintage//Jeans: Topshop//Shoes: New Look//Necklace: Vintage

Hello stranger. I've been away for so long, it's despicable really. My blog's been having a little trouble, so I've not been able to update it for ages. However, I'm back with a bang in this beautiful shirt. 

Yes, before you ask, it hasn't got camels on it, they're alpacas/llamas, but I still think it's worth a post. I've been very hesitant about vintage online shopping since I ordered something from a site and the item arrived looking like it'd been fished out of someone's bin. Online shopping is a risky business as anyone will know, ordering clothing which arrives in the wrong size/colour is the most disappointing thing. However, I thought I'd try the whole 'virtual thrift shop' thing again, man up and purchase something from one of the many sites out there. 

A friend recommended I take a look at Brag Vintage , one of the big boys in the online vintage business. Skeptical, but willing to give anything a go, I had a peep at their site and boy was I impressed. Most of the stock was under £20 (it's a real bugbear of mine when 'vintage' i.e. old clothes, are ridiculously priced. If it's designer then fair doos, but otherwise keep prices low and customers happy) and this shirt immediately caught my eye. Although it's C&A, the quality is pretty darn good, the pattern is very current (aztec chic I think!) and it looks pretty bloody cool with loafers and jeans. 

I took this beaut to Festival Number 6 and it was a really versatile piece for the weekend! 

Jeans-wise, these topshop lovelies have not been off my legs since I bought them. I'm a sucker for soft denim and these indigo high-waist beauties are perfect for A/W. 

The burgundy loafers are from New Look and, as well as being ridiculously comfy, they're pretty darn stylish. A steal at under £30, you should really bag yourselves a pair - they're dead ringers for some of the current Russel & Bromley offerings!

That's all for now, I promise I won't abandon you all for so long again! 



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  3. I love your blog! I'm from cheshire too, parkgate to be exact:). Love the outfit too x

    Fashion forever - Dull never


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