Thursday, 12 September 2013

Birthday Treats

On the 4th September I celebrated my 21st birthday and, although I really wasn't looking forward to it, the day was really lovely! 

I received loads of lovely presents from friends and family, so I thought I'd share a little snapshot of some of my gifts:

Fred Perry shirt, the Amy Winehouse collection - I was desperate to get my hands on the right FP and, as luck would have it, Amy's collection was exactly what I was looking for in a polo. The turned up collar and slim fit reduces the chances of you being mistake for a 1980's tennis coach (always a relief when you're wearing Mr Perry)

Loafers: if you read my blog regularly, you've probably realised that I like a lot of shoes. The bottom of my wardrobe currently resembles a small version of Everest; I feel sorry for the dust bunnies attempting to scale this mountain of heels, boots and brogues. The two pairs of shoes above are a welcome addition to 'the pile'. The brown, patent loafers from New Look will be a staple for AW, whilst the Zara Dalmatian print beauties are entirely impractical but too beautiful to not buy. I feel like prince/dame shirley when wearing these but hey, that's not always a bad thing! 

The iPad and records are pretty self explanatory - little luxuries which I can pretend are real necessities. 

Finally, my lovely cousins bought me this gorgeous Ted Baker purse. Cobalt blue pony skin is something I could never turn down - within a week it's become a handbag favourite. 

What's on your birthday wish list?

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