Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Coat: Zara £79.99//Framed image: Ebay £7.50// Cuff: ASOS  £15 for set// King Krule 6ft beneath the moon vinyl: Ebay £21.99// Geo Paisley Dress: Urban Outfitters £55.00//Moomin Meadow PJ Set: Topshop £26
It's my birthday tomorrow. I'm 21 and I'm not excited. Cue the gasps and quizzical glances, but yeah at this very moment I couldn't give two ticks about becoming an adult; not the whole 'yay I'm 18, I can do practically anything, yet I still live with my parents' adult, but the 'yes I'm 21 and I understand mortgages' adult. Big grown up stuff.

2013 has been pretty crappy. Imagine being submerged head first into a vat of raw sewage and you'll just about grasp how fucked off I am with this year. Although I've never been fussed about birthdays, everyone always parrots on about the importance of the big 2-1. Why? What is so important about a number? Why is it assumed that when you reach 21 your presents have to be bigger and there has to be more of a fuss made? I don't think I'll ever understand it.

Anyhow, to numb the annoyance, I decided to compile a very late birthday wishlist including some gems from various high street stores and online shopping sites. The most important item on this list has to be the King Krule vinyl, which really goes against the fashion grain, but I honestly could not resist it. This band have such a deep sound that I could listen to all day and hey, music is important to the fashion-conscious too.

Paisley is back with a vengeance this A/W and who could resist such a fabulous dress? The print and cut make it so versatile and therefore necessary for anyone's wardrobe. This sensible necessity appropriately contrasts with the Moomin PJs. I honestly have no excuse for these. Jim jams, adorned with hippopotamus-like creatures really aren't the biggest turn on. My only advice, don't wear them when your fit mate pops round for a cuppa.

The framed gin sign is not because I'm an alcoholic, although I agree with the sentiment, liquid lunches really aren't too appealing. However, this little frame is pretty kitsch and a little bit of dry humour (with a squeeze of lime) never hurt anyone.

My love of masculine jewellery doesn't seem to ebb and unfortunately, another load of plain gold stacked cuffs is just what I'd want for my birthday. Classic? yes, boring? maybe, but that doesn't stop them being incredibly useful. Learn from the masters of adornment, the Romans, and wear lots of polished 'gold' pieces. After all, you can't argue with the empire.

The Zara trench coat is a beauty. Burberry in essence, but ultimately more baker boy than Chelsea set. Rather that air kisses with Bond street, this little mac would suit a smoky 60's bar, black eyeliner and attitude. Everything you want in a coat, yet everything you fear. Be brave, spend the £80 quid and release your inner Edie Sedgewick.



  1. That trench coat is beautiful. Zara's coats this year are all really nice! x


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