Saturday, 31 August 2013

Lennon, Rafferty & Allen...

Tshirt: the weekend trender via Next Mens (customized)//Jeans: Next//Shoes: Next//Necklace: Next//Bag: vintage

Hello! It's been a while. My summer 2012 posts are putting this year's efforts to shame, however I have to admit that I've been a very busy bee. After my work experience at Next HQ, I was straight back to work, as well as starting to produce the fashion section of freshers' week edition of the student newspaper. It's no excuse for my lack of blogging, but I'm hoping that I this post concerning such a great t-shirt will make up for my absence. 

This post is incredibly 'Next' heavy, but only due to the fact I've picked up some amazing bargains in the last few weeks, including this t-shirt. After a rummage in the Men's section I came across this fab top, adorned with the eyes of Lennon, Rafferty and Allen. I can't resist a man in specs, never mind three of the most influential boys that we've seen. Plus, it's funny, I may bump into a fella wearing the same piece, but heck who cares?! I've teamed said shirt with these amazing treated trousers, they're a leathery feel but not ott on the PU front. They also wash really well, giving the trews a very weathered look. Cough cough 'fake vintage style cough cough. Yes, I know it's a sin to dabble in the dark arts, but for £24 I couldn't resist. 

The necklace and shoes are my new favourite accessories. I've not had the collar off as it's the perfect size and style to jazz up any outfit and wedge-wise, who can resist a little bit of dalmatian print?!

I'll be wearing this out for drinks or dinner, but for an evening on the town I'll swap these lovely jeans for a little suede skirt. I've been so impressed with Next's new collections for A/W 13, here's hoping they keep up the good work! 


  1. I love this outfit, especially the jeans! I've been looking for ones like this that aren't totally in your face leather so I'll need to have a look in Next. Your bag is lovely too xx

    1. Thanks lovely! They are so comfy, I'd definitely recommend them! xx


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