Monday, 19 August 2013

A little bit of Braveheart never hurt anyone...

Skirts from Next

Wowsa, a month has flown by so quickly! August has been a busy one for me as I had my placement at Next HQ in Leicester. I had an amazing time in the PR department there and lucky me, I've been asked to go back in September. This time I promise to document as much of the experience as I can, even if it's just my wardrobe choices for the two weeks!

Weather-wise, bloody hell it's been hot. Not Mediterranean Zorba the Greek style heat, but hazy, sweaty humid stuff which we've all become quite accustomed to. The type of weather that encourages men to wear football shirts due to the 'breathable material' which in actual fact makes them sweat more than Great Aunt Jude (a very sweaty lady). I've been stubborn and started wearing my autumn wardrobe already. I looked a bit mental in Leicester on the day it was 33 degrees strutting around in my black skinnies, jumper and lace up boots, but honestly stick me in a chunky knit and I'm happy. 

Autumn winter fashion is always the best in my book and this year's penchant for heritage is fab. I've got my tweed blazer at the ready, all I need now is a manservant called Giles and a load of pheasants to shoot. Yes, initially I might go a little too far with the tweed, but I'm pretty sure I can pull off eccentric English gent. 

I did cave and buy two kilt style skirts from Next. The reason? Their preppy enough for Blair Waldorf, with a little bit of Celtic warrior on the side. I'm effectively channeling Mel Gibson's New York alter ego...hey, a little bit of woad isn't a bad thing. 

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