Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Look out old Macky is back!

I'm back! I'm sorry! I know I owe you all a LOT of posts! I've been on a major hiatus due to first year uni exams (I seriously didn't want to fail!) so have been working really hard to make sure I actually pass these exams. Everyone says they're easy but I'm still really nervous! I get my results later this week, so wish me luck! Well at the end of term all the different Uni colleges held amazing Extrav parties with loads of different themes. The two I attended had the theme of Festival and Movies and of course I dressed accordingly!


For the festival theme night I opted for this gorgeous daisy print Motel playsuit, a string of fake daisies in my hair (new look) and my trusty navy blue Keds. It was such a good night and the playsuit was a really comfy choice for the evening. Delivery was quick as promised and, because I bought this little beauty in one of Motel's notorious flash sales, it meant I got super fast delivery and my item for a savvy £22.95! Fantastic and student-friendly! Well done Motel for keeping us happy!

For the Film night I got into character and went as Minnie Mouse!


I found an amazing costume on Ebay a while back that I thought would come in handy at uni and it turned out that the last day of term was the perfect time. I'm afraid I can't find which seller I used on the site guys, but there's loads of similar sellers online! I had such an amazing time at uni during my first year and I LOVED the fact that I could wear two key styles for the summer season, festival wear AND the cartoon-style clothes we saw on many catwalks this season, for instance Henry Holland's etc.

So basically guys, that's a rundown of what's been happening to me! So sorry there's been a looooonnnnggg absence, but I promise I'm back for good now!

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