Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Prague glorious Prague!

Yes lovely followers I've been to Prague with my lovely boy :) We had an amazing 6 days away and were seriously considering not coming home! Prague is an amazing city and I would seriously encourage you to visit if you can! We walked miles each day and didn't realise due to the hundreds of beautiful sights to see! A bonus of this is coming home with thighs and a bum of steel from all the walking on cobbled streets. A definite negative is that I'm now stuck in bed for the foreseeable future with an infected gland due to dehydration - it's called Parotitis and it's not fun at all! Ah well, means I have plenty of time to update my blog!

There are some fantastic sites to see in Prague and my top three would have to be:

1. The amazing Astronomical clock in the Old Town Square which is amazing to see! As the clock chimes, death tolls a bell, saints move around the clock's face and a golden cockerel crows - it's a beautiful spectacle to watch! 

2. The beautiful Presidential Palace, Cathedral and old Castle area which is a complete mix of the old and new. At the top of the Old Town district, this part of town has the most beautiful views of the city and the changing of the guards, which occurs every hour, is a great bit of history that continues to this day. 

3. The Charles Bridge, as a UNESCO world heritage site, this bridge is very popular with locals and tourists alike with little craft stalls and amateur artists dotting the walkway. The bridge becomes even more beautiful at night, a must when in Prague!

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