Monday, 17 September 2012

We'll meet again...

Bit of a different post today, but I couldn't resist mentioning a new website that I stumbled upon when surfing the net, looking for presents for the older members of my famalamalam. is home to a huge array of presents and treats which will appeal to people of all ages, nevermind older rellys!

I love the quirky style of the website, which includes grainy images from the thirties and forties with a comical twist. The site is also really easy to navigate meaning that any oldies who aren't au fait with technology can travel from page to page easily.

There are loads of different categories to choose from at the home page, making browsing really easy. I popped straight over to the jewellery section to have a browse and I wasn't disappointed! 

I found some gorgeous pieces, including a sterling silver locket and then I stumbled upon this little beauty!

This gorgeous vintage-inspired locket is something that I've never seen before and, as a bit of a jewellery lover, I think this lovely necklace would make a touching gift for a woman of any age. 

My favourite thing about this site is its personal-touches, like the photo gallery where buyers can upload photos of 'the good old days.' Messages are also posted alongside many of the items, which tell stories of times gone by, linking products to memories. 

All in all, I'd describe this site as a place to buy gifts that are sure to rekindle loved one's memories, through the items advertised online and the touching little features which make this site a forum as well as an ecommerce page. 

Go on, have a gander and see what little gems you dig up!


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