Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Creme de la Mer is the creme de la creme!

Ahhhh Christmas is creeping up on us! After getting home from Uni on Friday, I honestly can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner. This last ten weeks has been amazing, but such hard work - first year really doesn't prepare you for the amount of work you get in second year.

So when the lovely Sarah invited me to Manchester's House of Fraser to try out one of Creme de la Mer's famous facials, I jumped at the chance to de-stress! I popped along last Saturday morning, bright and early, sans-makeup (I KNOW) ready to relax and to give my skin a treat!

After being greeted by Sarah, I was shown through to the private treatment room, welcomed by the sound of the sea and a warm treatment bed - I was already one happy bunny!

Sarah chatted to me about my skin concerns, (dry skin, sensitive t-zone...) and then tailor-made my treatment to ensure I felt a genuine improvement in the quality of my skin after the facial.

The treatment itself lasted around an hour, during which Sarah massaged my skin with sea quartz and diamond dust and as this was such a  relaxing experience, I was asleep after fifteen minutes!

Creme de la Mer is the penchant of movie stars and celebrities, so why, you may be asking, is Heidi trying to convince me that A. These products will suit my skin and B. I can afford it. Well, although loved by stars, Creme de la Mer had less than glamorous beginnings. It's creator, Dr. Huber, an aerospace physicist, developed the brand's kelp-based Miracle Broth - the main ingredient in all of the products, whilst searching for a way to improve scars caused by severe burns. After 6000 experiments, the broth  had been perfected and Creme de la Mer was born.

This story for me highlights the effectiveness of Creme de la Mer, a skincare range not looking to impress you with fancy packaging, but products with natural, nurturing minerals that actually do a lot of good for your skin.

Sarah said: "After noticing the increasing popularity of Creme de la Mer's facials with older teenagers and young women, It's evident that skincare has become a priority for women from 16 onwards.

"Your face is the only one you get and therefore your skin is an investment, something that needs to be looked after throughout your life.

"That's why at Creme de la Mer, the cost of a facial (£100) is redeemable against any of our products, ranging from moisturisers, cleansers and foundations and costing from £50-£300.

"Because our facials at Creme de la Mer are designed for the individual, it's easy for our clients to see an immediate improvement, after an hour, their skin feels softer and looks brighter."*

As a student and user of Creme de la Mer (gasp) I know what economising is like, but honestly I couldn't recommend their products more. The size of the product and the small quantity which is used on a daily basis means that bottles and pots can last for months, making the facials great value. I see them as a little treat, which really improves my skin and relaxes me, so I'll definitely be going back for more.

These facials would make a great Christmas gift and Sarah still has a few slots left before the 25th, however if you can't make it before Christmas, they're perfect for a January detox after all that indulgence!

For more info, or to book an appointment with Sarah, call: 0161 832 3414 EXT: 2290

Have a wonderful Christmas girls and see you soon!

*All opinions within this piece are Sarah's and are not the official opinions of Creme de la Mer as a brand.


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