Tuesday, 21 May 2013

GetTheLabel Urban Blogger Party

Cheeky lunch at Teacup pre-bloggers' meet. After all, it'd be rude not to!
The lovely Lola from ThePastimeBliss and Katie from The Quick Red Fox
This event was a while ago now, but I felt it necessary to share it with you all as my last blogging escapade! I know my posts have been a little infrequent recently but exams among other things, have left me with a shortage of blogging time and I've resigned to wearing a hoodie and skinnies on the days I venture out of my house/revision hovel. I'm even dreaming about highlighters and sticky labels, which I'm guessing is a hint that I've been spending too much time alone with my books.

Anyhow, on the 2nd May, Chrissie (my little blogging helper) and I popped along to the GetTheLabel blogger party in Manchester's Northern Quarter for an afternoon preview of the company's latest clothing ranges. Now, I must confess, when the lovely Chloe contacted me about the event, although I had heard of GTL, I'd never actually purchased anything from their site however post-party this soon changed.

The event was so relaxed and fun, allowing the bloggers to mingle and chat about the new pieces for GTL's summer ranges, whilst drinking champagne, eating copious amounts of GTL cupcakes, doodling on the 'scribble wall' and bopping (yep, I did just use a term reserved for grannies and with-it mums) to some incredible nineties hits.

I picked out some amazing pieces from GTL to review, which I'll be posting on the blog over the next few weeks, as well as purchasing a few little gems of my own, some for under a tenner! I was so surprised by the huge number of brands GTL stocks, which includes big names like Glamorous and Nike and I really think this site could become one of my 'go-to gals' for an online splurge!

If you fancy doing the same, you get free delivery with this exclusive code until the end of May!


Enter the above code at the checkout to help you save some pennies.

Have a great week!

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  1. teacup cakes are so yummy, love that place! It was lovely meeting you :)

    Lola xx


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