Monday, 10 June 2013

"Jackie No."

Dress: Charity Shop// Cut-out boots: Topshop//Bag: Dooney & Burke (Charity shop)// Sunglasses: Lacoste 

The sun has been shining for over a week now, I'm getting suspicious. It's either the end of the world, or global warming has helped Britain out a little. Oh well, there's nothing one likes better than a good cynic. Just like a typical Brit, I've been moaning about the heat, liberally applying sun cream and hiding out in the shade, with the lines 'it's not proper sunshine' or 'it would be better in Spain' on the tip of my tongue.

Anyway, as I mentioned in my previous post, now exams are out of the way, I've had time to let my hair down and actually get to know Lancaster a little better. Sometimes in my posts the only reference to the town is the library which, although quite a cosy spot on a December afternoon, doesn't really resemble the eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, bars and people which are all part of this lovely northern jigsaw. I've been out and about with the house quite a bit and on one rather peculiar shopping trip (which included hunting for a blonde wig, a camel-coloured jacket and cake pop kits) I picked up this gorgeous embroidered dress in the charity shop for £2.99. Yes, it's rather short and yes it has been handmade so the seams aren't perfect and the pattern isn't regular, but pop a black tube skirt underneath, admire its uniqueness and you're sorted! 

Saturday night saw a few of my housemates led on a magical mystery tour of nearby Wigan, by one of the more exuberant residents of 1 Willow lane. It was a surprisingly good night and left me wishing for something a little like Indiependence in Cheshire! I wore the dress and boots (£40 in the Topshop sale - steal!) after being warned that my newly-purchased sky scraper wedges wouldn't survive the night and I'm so glad I did, it's my new favorite outfit! 

Have you found any bargains whilst rummaging in charity or vintage shops recently? 


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