Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Summer days

Dress: GetTheLabel*// Shoes: Charity shop// Necklace: Car boot// Bag: Primark// Sunglasses: Lacoste

So hello again, it's been two, long, stressful weeks where, among other things, I've been working non-stop and my computer decided that, after all the long hours it put in over revision, that it didn't want to play ball. Thinking all was lost, I was ready to pop it into my local PC World, but after a couple of days' rest, it started up as normal. 

Finally, I'm back to blogging and yes, I STILL have some GetTheLabel goodies to share with you, including this gorgeous pastel-coloured dress by Glamorous. I love the backless sections of this dress, giving a more modern twist to a pretty classic piece. The light chiffony material is perfect for lunch in this hot weather and it's so easy to dress up and down - I have to confess, I've worn it a couple of times before this post was published, once on a night out with some UO heels and an envelope clutch. 

Here, I've styled the dress up with these raised-sole shoes which I got from the charity shop for £2 (bargain!) they're really comfy and are a similar style to SuperGa pumps (my favourite shoes!).  The bag was a bargain from Primark, although it looks like I picked it up from a vintage store. Wicker is great for summer and I never miss an opportunity to whap out one of my many wicker bags the minute there's any sun! 

With my yellowish complexion, a tan would make this look a whole lot better, so I'll be saving it until I'm on my hols/ have time to pop some fake tan on! 

Hope you've all been enjoying the beautiful weather! 

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