Thursday, 4 July 2013

Summer sensations

Topshop slip dress// Dahlia hat//Chelsea Doll necklace//Urban Outfitters shoes//Fashion Union t-shirt
Long time no see lovelies! I don't even have an excuse for my extended absence apart from life being busy busy! I've just been made fashion ed of Lancaster's student newspaper SCAN, so I've been preparing for that role (which formally begins in October) and getting ready for my work placement at Next's Head Office at the end of July! Also, as we all know, time flies when you're having fun, so the last few weeks of second year, although a blur, were spent enjoying myself (can you blame me after seven exams?!)

Anyhow, on to my latest summer wishlist. According to the ever-reliable weathermen, us Brits are going to be soaking up the sun next week in a two week heatwave. Although most of next week will be dedicated to preparing for the Next Summer sale, I'm hoping to catch a few rays. With sunny weather comes a change in wardrobe (naturally) and, as I'm know for my love of all garments granite-coloured, I thought I'd be daring and add a splash of colour to my wardrobe.

This gorgeous green dress would look fabulous with a tan for those of us graced with olive skin and would also suit those classed as 'pale and interesting.' Effectively, this dress is what the UN aims to be: appealing to all and easy to work with. Political giggles aside (cringe) this slip is so Calvin Klein it hurts, making it bang on trend for summer and a sure thing for SS14.

I've always been a fan of Chelsea Doll and their newest collections have been gracing the covers of Look Magazine left, right and center. This fabulous chain/collar ticks the cobalt trend, the beads give a nod to the exotic traveller looks which always appear over the summer holiday season and at £15 it's waaaay cheaper than less detailed pieces you'd find on the high street. Paired with these gorgeous sandals from Urban Outfitters, this look would be perfect for an evening in a local taverna, or a stroll along the beach after dinner.

At £25, Urban Outfitters have done us proud with this versatile beauties, which can be worn from day to night. The hints of neon genius on these shoes will keep the fashionistas happy, whilst the traditional leather strappy look help you channel the local look. Instead of opting for a pair of havaianas, pop these in your case - you'll keep your feet cosy and not look like you've just hopped off a plane from Heathrow.

Plain white tees (the item, not the band) are something everyone presumes to have in their wardrobes. If you're like me and own a cavern filled with clothes which haven't seen the light of day since 2003, I promise you, those 'basics' which you never have to hand don't exist. They've probably been eaten by the giant moth which has taken up residence in your closet. Therefore, it's only sensible to invest in some staples whilst their on the catwalk and therefore in every high street store. This over-sized t-shirt from Fashion Union ticks all the boxes and appears to be better quality than some of its see-through relatives on offer in the shops. At £12 you really can't grumble, especially when, paired with some leggings and your favourite Nike blazers, it becomes the main event of a casual outfit.

The straw bowler is pretty statement, not something that I'd normally pick, however it'd be one of those items I'd leave on the shelf and forever yearn after. The hat itself is unusual, add the ears and ribbon and in theory it's downright crazy, but reality always seems to bite back and sometimes the ridiculous becomes the most stylish. If you do buy this beauty, wear it with pride, people will either not understand you or envy you, and let's face it, in fashion, which other outcome could you possibly want?

Have a lovely week in the sun and remember the sun cream,


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