Tuesday, 29 July 2014

All things thrifted!

Top: thrifted// jeans: topshop//bag: thrifted//necklace: thrifted// shoes: menorcan sling back espadrilles  

So after my first week of work I took a well earned break in Wales with my folks. I love coming here all year through as it was my weekend home growing up. The autumn is my season here as the crowds have died down and the little seaside towns are peaceful once more. I'm definitely a tourist snob now, having spent my childhood here I dislike holidaymakers as much as the locals! However, you can't beat a bit of sunshine  in Wales, the landscape comes alive and you just feel so much happier with blue sky above your head.

Today I really want to write a post about thrifting. As some of you will know, I'm a staunch thrifter and spend a lot of my time rummaging in charity shops and hunting for bargains on ebay. I was recently introduced to a fantastic new app called Shpock by a friend who knows how much I love a good bargain. About a week after I started using the app, the lovely people at Shpock contacted me and asked me about my bargain hunting habits, so I thought I'd pop my answers in a post for you all to see. 

But first, a little bit about Shpock. I'm a sucker for car boots, but hate the faff of paying loads to pitch up on a rainy Sunday to search for bargains or try to sell your unwanted stuff. Don't get me wrong, they're great fun on a sunny day, but British weather normally let's us down and you get soggy. So ladies and gents, welcome Shpock to your phones. Already popular across Europe, Sphock is like a virtual car boot, you can buy items, make a lower offer on items and list stuff you want to get rid of. The best thing is that Shpock will only show you products which are a certain distance away from you, ie 10km. The postcode of the seller is listed which, considering you pick the items up, is handy. It's a great way of clearing out unwanted bits and bobs without paying postage! 

I've just started using Sphock and have already made a few pounds on some stuff I've sold. Just one piece of advice, remember that if you change your location, the goods listed will change with it! So make sure you know where a seller is based if you want to keep your eye on a product. 

Now, I thought I'd share this outfit with you because of the many thrifted items I've styled it with. It showcases how easy it is to get hold of bits and bobs from charity shops and online. 

My friends always ask me how I find such  gems in these places, so here are my top five tips for happy thrifting. 

1. Make a list - It's very difficult to browse in a place that resembles Aladdin's cave (same goes for ebay) so to make it easy, out together a list of items you're looking for. It could be a vintage necklace or even a crop top, this will help you limit what you search for online and in store. 

2. Set a price - I know it sounds tight, but thrifting can be an expensive hobby. It's great if you're getting a top for £3 instead of £10, but not so great if you then buy four tops at this price. Don't go overboard and you won't be out of pocket. 

3. Think outside the box - Okay, so everyone wants to hit the jackpot and find designer gems and believe me, you do. However some bits you're just not going to unearth for a reasonable price. For example, take a Burberry Mac in a size 12. You're looking at paying about 150 quid for a used one and ain't no sistah got time for that. So, buy a bigger size and get it tailored. My Burberry Mac plus tailor's costs was about 70 quid, it fits just right and it's practically new. 

4. Don't be a shop snob - You've got to be prepared to rummage or take a gamble on an unknown ebay seller. If you get fleeced, you'll know for next time who to avoid. 

5. Don't be a box filler - Take a risk, for a few quid you could look great in that 80s jacket. If it doesn't work out, so what? At least you're not another high street clone!

Find out a little more about Shpock here:  


  1. Another thing about thrift bargains is that you've got to catch them while you can!

    Two days ago I was out shopping and went into a small charity shop in the hope of finding something I'd love. Seconds later I came across a pair of teal clunky hees for £10, worth, wait for it, £75! Bargain!

    But did I buy it? No! Because the laces had been chewed by a dog I turned into a massive snob like Oh no these aren't good enough for me.

    It was only later that I realised I could just buy some new laces for it -_- Sigh.


    1. I have done that so many times Amy, it's the worst!

      I'm sure you'll find another bargain soon :) xx


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